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About Me

Hi! I'm not much of a writer so this is going to be pretty basic.

I'll start with something typical: I LOVE photography. I'm sure you expected that. Going out and creating images is something I'm very passionate about. I really enjoy shooting long exposure landscapes and city-scapes. Mainly what influences me is nature itself. The way light interacts with everything and the moods or feelings created by various landscapes or perspectives. A large part of what draws me to shoot cityscapes is the architecture and planning aspect. Buildings on their own are unique and works of art, but I also like to examine how an entire block looks or even a corner.  Aerial photography has quickly grown on me and I hope to add more aerials to my portfolio each year. I'd also like to travel (told you this was typical) and experience new places.

Now for something less typical: I graduated college with a bachelor of science in business administration finance. I'm a Finance Manager for a semiconductor company headquartered in San Jose California. 

I'm a self taught spare time photographer.  I absorbed a lot in an elective beginning photography class I took in college and I highly recommend this to anyone in school not pursuing photography as a degree. This is also where I was introduced to the editing software I use (Lightroom).

If you click my  Portfolio (Flickr Link), you can see all the equipment I used to take each photo as well as the settings I used. 


Thanks for reading a little bit about me.


Kayte Dolmatch